There are mainly three ways to store your Fur felt hat: on a shelf (on a flat surface), in a hat box, or hanging on a wall. 


ON A SHELF: If you decide to use this option as a more decorative way to store your hats, make sure that the depth of the shelf can accommodate your hats as any creasing of the brim will cause distress to the original shape. Also, when storing your hat on a shelf, be sure that the shelf is clean. We recommend flipping the hat upside down on its crown rather than laying it flat on its brim. Storing your hat on its brim for a long period will put pressure on the brim, which could lead it to change from its original shape over time. Avoid prolonged exposure to dust or direct sunlight; these are both damaging and can increase the likelihood of your hat being ruined or discolored.


HANGING IT ON THE WALL: When you’re a hat lover like us, we completely understand wanting to showcase your collection. This is a great way to make any room welcoming while adding some style. You can hang your hat on the wall using a nail, but if you choose to hang your hat, we suggest covering the tip of the nail with a cotton or foam ball so that the tip of the nail does not damage the hat. Be sure there is no direct sunlight wherever you decide to hang your hats.


STORE IN A HAT BOX: This is our suggested recommendation for storing your hat. Any hat purchased through our online store will be shipped in our protective hat box that is perfect for storing your hat properly. A cool, dry place out of direct sunlight is the best place for your hat box.

NOTE: Do not store your hat in a plastic bag for a long period of time. This will destroy your hat. The lack of air flow (oxygen) can cause your hat to rot or dry out. This applies to both fur felt hats and straw hats. When straw dries out it becomes brittle and breaks easily. We suggest a hat box or something similar that isn't airtight.

*Please note that if you plan on storing your hat away indefinitely, we highly recommend that you clean your hat properly prior to storing it away. This means brushing off any dust or other particles that might cause damage. This applies to all hat types both felt and straw.